Workout mode when climbing Alpe Du Zwift

I love using the “workout” mode to climb Alpe Du Zwift as it earns more XP than the standard free ride mode.

However, I have noticed workout mode does not include the segment splits (that capture time and HR data) on the left hand side of the screen.

I think it would be great to include these in workout mode, similar to how they appear in the standard free ride mode.

It’s not there because they try to limit visual distractions on screen for a workout. In a workout you should be concentrating on hitting the target powers not comparing times between bends.


@Ben_Brawn is exactly right. During a workout, that bit of real estate shows you the blocks of wattage you should be focusing on.

During a free ride, it displays what you’re asking for. It’s either / or. There are no plans to make this a selectable option because it would confuse more people than not.


I would actually prefer more visual distractions when climbing the Alpe. lol.

My workout up the Alpe is effectively a time trial at a constant wattage, so I don’t need to worry about hitting the wattage targets.

Not sure what would be confusing about it.

Both displays (the workout and the segment breakdown) are existing and well understood features.

Having both showing at once would help people better track there HR’s and segment PB’s as well as providing further visual stimulation to help pass the time on painful climbs.

However, thanks for the response!

This makes no sense. If you’re in workout mode youre not climbing the alpe as it’s meant to be climbed, therefore segments times are not applicable. Makes no sense to have it in this instance.

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I understand what you are saying and that climbing the alpe in workout mode isnt true climbing. However, I like treating it as a time trial as a time trial is the truest measure of how I am improving. And it makes it easier for me when chasing the Alpe badges and is a better way to earn XP. I just thought it wouldnt be that hard for the coders to add the feature. Anyway seems the people have spoken, so I will drop the request. lol.