Workout mode and segments (strava) question

Hi all,


I’m just new to zwift and I don’t understand something about the workout mode.


So when I’m in workout mode I still ride on the same track (as just ride). But the wattage (or slope moments) are different, how are the time for segments are measured

For example I’m training in workout mode (Jon’s Short Mix) and I enter 3 Hill Climb the wattage is then different then when I’m in just ride mode.

How are the times measured in workout mode it’s probably easier to get a faster time?


I hope my question make sense

Most of these questions come back to one point, the only input to Zwift is your power. In workout or ride mode the amount of power required to climb a particular slope at a particular speed at a particular rider weight is exactly the same. 

So if you climb a hill faster in workout mode it’s because you put in more effort to do so, no other reason.