Workout Mode time descriptors and quit early button

Love the workout mode.

However in my two workouts I found the time duration on the menu (30 and 60 minutes respectively) was actually 60 and 90 minutes once I started the workout.

I look forward to a COOL DOWN NOW button as the easy way to stop a workout but keep riding for a while.  (Because I thought the workout was only 30 or 60 minutes !).  Also, you could quite the workout if you saw friends riding by and you could jump into the group. 

Also noticed the Bots are much more social and are easier to ride with on my new Kickr.

Great work - looking forward to winter more than ever before!  

Hi Peter,

Those times should be accurate, including cool down. Which workout(s) did you choose?

My bad, seems like I picked FTP 12 week week 3 workouts when I intended to pick from the hour or less folder.  Not quite sure how I got that wrong but I’ll pay more attention next time.

Thanks folks, great work.

Cool Skeletons btw