Mysterious cooldown 6 week ftp builder

Week 1, day 2. Anyone understand the «cooldown» part? 75% to 70% of FTP over 10 mins seems a bit hard for cooldown?

I have just posted a very similar query mate

I would think that is still part of the workout, not the cooldown.

hi all, I am just coming back from injury so I have decided to do some zwift workouts. I did an ftp test then I did the ftp builder workout tonight. I am really confused as to why my warm down watts started higher and finished level with the actual workout watts. l? Does warm down work off watts or heart rate?
regards Steve

see my response just above your question.

I hope that make sense.

That might be true, but if so, why is that the only workout in the series with no cooldown? I suspect sloppy «programming» when making the workout. :thinking:

hi, definitely 10 min cool down. ( arrow was pointing to 10 warm min cool down at bottom of workout). It was dropping slightly but only 24 watts over 10 mins.