Cool Down Bug? - 12wk FTP Builder (advanced) Week 2 Day 1

I did the “12wk FTP Builder (advanced) Week 2 Day 1” workout today and when I got to the Cool Down portion the initial wattage was asking for a higher wattage than anything in the entire workout. This seems like a bug or least very strange way to cool down for me.

During the main set, the highest wattage was set at 195W.

Then the Cool Down asked for 200W.

It slowly ramped down but starting a cool down with more effort than the main set is odd, isn’t it?

The same thing happened to me on Week 1 Day 1.

Yep same here week 1 day 1

perhaps only the core workout is based on your FTP and the rest is generic?

otherwise it does seem odd to workout at a higher intensity during the “cool down”

I think that coold down and warmup are standard regardless your FTP and cannot be changed… it is not only Day1… indeed if you create your own activity it is “standard”