Workout timer doesn't match the actual timer

I have noticed that in workout mode (both on PC and android) that the two timers (the workout one and the main one) don’t keep the same time.

I thought it may be due to losing time between the different workout parts so I tested it over a workout that was just one hour long freeride. by the end of the hour the two timers were about 30 seconds different.

I did this yesterday and today and the dame happened.

Hey Chris,

Thanks for letting us know about this. We do have a couple of questions for you regarding this.

Are you still experiencing this time discrepancy when you do workouts?
Does this happen on every workout, just during training plans, just during group workouts, or just during custom workouts?

If it has been persisting, could you make sure that your Zwift app is up to date and test again, then let us know the result.

Thanks for your help Chris!

I just found this post. I’m also experiencing it.

This is a custom workout I’ve created to match a TrainerRoad workout, after the workout I compare what I’ve done to what I was supposed to do and the times are off by a couple of seconds. The lap times don’t seem to match up correctly in the .fit file either.

sorry for resurrecting this but I have noticed that the timer doesn’t quite match real time even when not in workout mode.

I have tested this against two different time sources so pretty sure it is zwift that is wrong not the other devices.

during an hour I can “lose” about 15 to 25 seconds.

I think this may be due to the game stuttering at times and maybe the timer doesn’t catch up in the same way the rest of the game does.

Adding to this (i just created another post) as it’s still an issue - I’m seeing inconsistent times all over the place.

When I finish a race, my ‘official results’ time will often by 30 seconds GREATER than the timer on the screen. A 1 hour workout will take 59 minutes 40 seconds.

It’s all a mess!

I was looking about this issue because it happened to me today, but the time difference was about 12 minutes. I chose a workout from the FTP build up, and the training time was 1h23 minutes. According to my training stats (in garmin) the elapsed time was 1h23 minutes, but zwift recorded it as 1h09.
I don’t understand why this happened? I was using muy phone and I left the the app from time to time, but I guess that shouldn’t be an issue. Does anyone knows why this happens? And if there’s a way to fix it? Thanks

The only thing I have noticed is that it is worse on slower devices so it is as if the app stutters a bit and the timer also stutters and you gain a second here and there and it all adds up.

The weird thing is that the workout timer seems to not suffer from this and the actual workout duration is correct in real time but the timer is off.

Exactly I don’t why the training timer turns off. Could it be me getting out of the app to check a message or something?
This is really weird because when I do a free ride, this doesn’t happen. Even if I get out of the app.

Which app are you talking about here? I meant the main game, I don’t think you’d go out of that app during a ride.

If you stop the main timer pauses, so if you are stationary at any point or leave it just sat there once you finish the timer will stop but your gar

I’m talking about the zwift app in my phone, I checked some messages in WhatsApp while riding. Still never noticed that the time was changing. The strange thing is that in garmin the elapsed time is 1h23, moving time 58minutes and total 1h09. Never stopped or made a pause. Maybe it’s a glitch
It doesn’t happen when I choose free ride, only with workouts

I’m still not 100% sure what you mean.

What do you run the zwift game on? PC, MAC, Ipad, android etc?
On your phone is that the companion app (the one that shows the map, nearby zwifters etc) or the actual zwift game (the one that you ride around in)?

for me the companion app doesn’t make a difference to time at all. It is more the device I run the game on, if the device I run the game on is slower the difference between the zwift timer and actual time that has passed is longer during a workout. This seems to be because from time to time the game stutters and this makes the timer pause for a split second, all these slight pauses add up so at the end of a longer workout the difference between the zwift timer and other timers (stopwatch, garmin device etc) is longer.

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Thanks I get it now. I am running the game on my phone because it’s not working with my PC. Maybe that’s why

yes, that will definitely be your reason, if you exit the app it will pause.

I’m almost surprised when you return to it all the devices are still paired and it carries on as normal. If I ever do that when using Zwift on my phone (android) it loses all bluetooth connections.