Workout timer doesn't match the actual timer

I have noticed that in workout mode (both on PC and android) that the two timers (the workout one and the main one) don’t keep the same time.

I thought it may be due to losing time between the different workout parts so I tested it over a workout that was just one hour long freeride. by the end of the hour the two timers were about 30 seconds different.

I did this yesterday and today and the dame happened.

Hey Chris,

Thanks for letting us know about this. We do have a couple of questions for you regarding this.

Are you still experiencing this time discrepancy when you do workouts?
Does this happen on every workout, just during training plans, just during group workouts, or just during custom workouts?

If it has been persisting, could you make sure that your Zwift app is up to date and test again, then let us know the result.

Thanks for your help Chris!

I just found this post. I’m also experiencing it.

This is a custom workout I’ve created to match a TrainerRoad workout, after the workout I compare what I’ve done to what I was supposed to do and the times are off by a couple of seconds. The lap times don’t seem to match up correctly in the .fit file either.

sorry for resurrecting this but I have noticed that the timer doesn’t quite match real time even when not in workout mode.

I have tested this against two different time sources so pretty sure it is zwift that is wrong not the other devices.

during an hour I can “lose” about 15 to 25 seconds.

I think this may be due to the game stuttering at times and maybe the timer doesn’t catch up in the same way the rest of the game does.