Workout time not matching real training time

Done the following workout: Zwift Academy 2017 Month 1 3. Threshold Pushing.
The workout time(Duration) is scheuled with 1h 25m 30s but the real training time was 00h 48m only.

Just checked with several other workouts and it is still the same.

Same problem here. Problem occurred after the last update Thursday. Very annoying.

Good to know that I’m not the only one. Yes, very annoying.

Hope Zwift will fix this issue very soon.

I’ve got also this issue, I’m even testing other simulators because of that.

Happened in todays race. Also the file was corrupted so wouldn’t upload to Garmin/Strava. Seems to have missed last 4km

I had the same issue with a custom workout on Tuesday and today. The program kept loosing seconds after every interval. Tuesday I lost 15min on a 75min workout and today 2min on the same workout.

Same problem here and it’s really irritating. Would be good if Zwift would give us an answer on this.

Hi All,

There is a known issue where workout interval timers are shortened due to a low frame rate. You may want to check if your device meets minimum specs, and if you are running any other applications or programs at the same time as Zwift.

Thanks for the reply. I’m pretty sure its not related to frame rate as Zwift has been running on this machine flawlessly for over a year, I’ve also dropped the resolution right down to make sure (that should help from my limited understanding). I’ve also killed and removed any unnecessary programs as i only use this machine for Zwift.

It happened again today, but the time was only out by about 15 seconds after an hour (which i can live with tbh!) and then there was a very short lock up/screen freeze and when it came back the time difference jumped to being out by nearly a minute. 

I also had this problem, first time, I did a 4 interval workout 10m,40m,16m and 10m. There was definitely something weird with the view I was getting. I finished the workout in 38m so roughly 50% of the planned duration. The recorded stats were correct though for the 38m. Obviously I knew there was something wrong, logged out, restarted everything but no change so I cracked on with the (shorter…) session.

Several possibilities, my wife was using the (2011) iMac before me (always weird things happen to my stable config). I was streaming netflix onto my iPad, first time, over a 300Mps wifi-extender. So most likely it was wifi bandwidth. I’ll be back up tonight without the iPad and by chance I’ve got a new more powerful wifi extender in the post.