Incorrect workout timer/duration

The workout duration seems to be wrong after finishing the workout. I completed a 2:10 h zone 2 workout today. After finishing the ride Zwift as well as Strava only report 1:32h. In addition the workout overall timer seems to run faster than the timer for the workout. Anybody having the same issues? Running Zwift on an iPad 2019 with an Elite Suito.


Zwift also shows it as 1:32. Why do you think this workout was 2:10?

I’m thinking it was a network glitch round the 1hr 32min mark which was long enough for Zwift to finalise the fit file. The workout does show1hr 48min to go and current timer 21min which fits with total expected so there’s possibly another fit file covering the the last 40minutes on the Zwift device that could be merged/uploaded to Strava but this is hit and miss with network interruptions.

It was a custom workout with 10 min warm up and 120 min z2. I started at 19:40 and finished ~21:50.

Where could I find this additional fit file in this case?

Sometimes fit files have errors that can be fixed - I’ve used to sort but probably loads of these around (google search)

You can also merge fit files too (google search)