Losing time on iOS app between workout time and elapsed time [July 2023]

Hi Zwift team & everyone,

To me it seems that I am losing time somehow. In this example, I am running Zwift (latest version) on my iPhone (stable LTE connection) and using a 3h timed workout.

As you can see per the two screenshots attached:

Screenshot 1 taken after 1:45h riding
Finish in: shows 1:44h
ET: shows 1:04h
Missing time: 11ish minutes

Screenshot 2 taken after 2h riding
Finish in: shows 1h
ET: shows 1:50h
Missing time: 10ish minutes

I did take two short brakes of 5min in total where I paused and restarted the training. So from my thinking, if I stop training and restart, ET should always perfectly match to remaining time until finish of workout.

My Strava file shows 2:48h total workout time. 12min missing.

What am I missing here? This drives me crazy :exploding_head:. Thanks for your help! :pray:

Any chance you could check if the opening segment “30 mins @ 165w” is actually only set to run for 20 minutes?

I think you lost 10 minutes from that opening segment.

Thanks @Ian_Attoe , good point.

But no, I checked the workout file (which is coming from my plan at Trainingpeaks) - it is definitely a 30min block in the beginning, and also all the other blocks are correct.

Did a test workout 60min yesterday, same issue.

Screenshot 2 taken after 35min riding
Finish in: shows 25min
ET: shows 29min
Missing time: 6ish minutes

Interesting: it seems that this is not happening via Apple TV.

New test after

  • deleting and reinstalling the iOS app
  • verifying that mobile connection / Wifi is stable and at high rate
  • time zone is set correctly on mobile device

2h workout with time checks after 20min/40min/60min due.

Constantly lost 4min time

New test with iPad (different device).

Almost accurate time after 1,5h workout.

Tested with newest version 1.45.0 on iPhone in 2h workout.

Missing time: ca. 6 min

This can happen when the Zwift app is backgrounded while the workout timer is still counting down. The odometer and activity time (ET) counter pause as intended, but an unpaused workout can continue counting down. I’ve flagged this up at HQ for a fix. In the meantime, this can be avoided by pausing your workout before switching apps, then unpausing when you return to Zwift.

Thank you again @Tobias_Kopp for raising this issue up and reaching out via a Support ticket.

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Many thanks @Rowdy for following up and providing this explanation.

This behavior would make sense when looking at the usage of the Zwift app during my workouts. It does happen that I switch to Companion to give others kudos, or even switch to an email/messenger/discord app to answer messages during my ride.

Now I know how much time I spend not focusing on Zwift :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: !

BTW it also seems that, when I hit pause on the app, and hit the brakes on my (Kickr) bike so really no wheel is moving anymore, it does take the app to slow down from my original speed to zero, and then it will pause (even though my virtual me is standing still already). So ET will still be counting until speed is at 0 km/h.

I’m looking forward to the fix for this. THANK YOU!