Zwift not saving time after workout on occasion(twice so far

I am using Apple TV, companion app, Wahoo SC and Wahoo Tickr HR monitor.
I am new to Zwift and have an issue with the time after my workout not recording on occasion. It has happened twice so far after about ten workouts.

After I complete the workout, I wait for the seconds to countdown(inside the OK icon) and then it takes me to the SAVE screen. I save the workout to Zwift, but the time does not register. My distance/cals are there just not the time.

Is anyone else getting this anomaly? As I said it has only happened twice and I am enjoying Zwift barring this issue.

Its happens to me. I don’t known What i have to do. I pay Zwift, but Zwift …

I have had the same problem for a month now. My distances are recorded but on 11 rides now the times have not registered. I have tried contacting zwift but got no response. By my reckoning i am at least 15 hours of riding missing.

I am also having the same issue with Zwift Companion App. Calories elevation and distance will show, but time is 0:00. Happens often.

I also noticed that time is not saved after a ride/workout completion. Other data is there. Im on Apple TV

I have similar problem, my workouts are not saved, I rode for 1 hr but distance show 0, time 0 power 0.

Has anyone figured out the problem? I have missing time from rides as well.

Same issue here, and it started about the same time I upgraded the app and started riding the NYC routes. Not sure if the two are related…