Bug with time

On every ride above 1 hour I see this error with timers. Please fix it.
I use zwift on iPhone.

it’s simply rounded up. Does that 6 seconds make such a difference?

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yes because in other rides it can be more than 30sec. And it is very annoying in any case because it is a bug that I see every day.

Ok. With a ride over an hour long i personally wouldn’t be too concerned with up to half a minute especially given that it would be during the cool down phase.

Does it ever round down so you do up to 30 seconds less?

Are you doing custom workouts?

I do not lost 30 sec in one moment, and not in cooldown phase. I lost 1 sec in probably every 10min. I post end of the workout to show the lost in seconds more clearly.
So we have one timer with correct time and other that lost seconds.

And one more thing. Because of incorrect timer application make screenshot of empty screen instead of table of result at the end of the ride.