Workout mode not working when joining group events

In the last couple of weeks or so, if I schedule to join a group workout on the Companion app, when I later login and join the event I appear with all the riders but it isnt in workout mode for me (i.e. doesnt have the screen in front of my handlebars or doesnt show the workout info on my dashboard screen on companion app).

If I do not schedule a workout but instead just select one of the in-built ones it works fine in workout mode.

Have i knocked a setting out somewhere or is this likely a bug in a recent Zwift update? I have a Bkool Smart Pro 2 and the firmware is up-to-date.

I’m experiencing the same issue (selecting a group workout on companion app, then when I join the event on my windows ten laptop running the zwift application, the workout does not appear). Has anyone found a fix for this yet?

Have discovered issue is with files not downloading, due to being on work server. Using laptop local account, the workouts now load (but now have a new problem of the ‘controllable’ function not being recognised when using the laptop local account - where one problem resolves, another appears…Alas…)

I have the same/similar issue (PC for game, Android for Companion). To confirm, I can join a group ride, load the workout which appears in the game OK. The Companion app registers the other users, shows map, power etc but not the workout. Have reloaded app, cleared cache etc.

I “think” I joined a club called the “Gluconauts” and I get notifications a few days before of their rides on my iPad. I usually click to join. On my Zwift Companion app I am listed as a Social member of that club. In Zwift the morning of the event I don’t see any indications of the ride on any of my devices. I can’t click anything to join the ride.