Workout mode "No ERG w/Powermeter" Mac os desktop app

(Jean-Paul Montuori) #1


I updated my Tacx Neo to the latest version, now I’m not able to select ERG mode any longer in the workout mode on the desktop application ( Mac OS ). Its says in gray “No ERG mode w/powermeter” underneath the workout graphics. When I connect my iPhone to Zwift it works fine, but not on the desktop version ?? As it’s working on the IOS version is guess it’s related to the desktop version of the app and not to the Tacx itself.


Any suggestions ?


Thanks in advance.



(Scott) #2

Hi Jean-Paul - can you confirm that you’re pairing the NEO as a Controllable Trainer? That is the message you would receive if it’s only paired as a power meter.

(Jean-Paul Montuori) #3

Hi Scott,


Thanks for your quick response. Yes it is paired as a controllable trainer. see screenshots:








(Scott) #4

Ah - thanks for the screen shot. It looks like you’ve paired to the Tacx power meter for your power (Tacx PWR). Try pairing to Tacx Neo 23078 as your Power Source and you should be good to go. Pairing your Neo as a controllable trainer first will automatically set the correct power source.

We know that this is a little confusing and are working to make it more straightforward.

(Dimitris Daskalakis) #5

Do we have any developements over this issue? I use Tacx Neo & i have the same issue. I’ m not able to produce more output despite using the smaller cogs.


(Harry Cat) #6

Hi Dimitris, 

The Neo sees to present more than one power source.I unpaired my power and then when I paired it again there were 2 choices and I selected the one with Neo in the name. Zwift now remembers this. 

Hope this helps you.