Woodway 4Front mit Zwift verbinden


how is it possible to connect woodway 4front with my notebook. I buy already a ant+ dongle, but nothing happens. No connections. Its shows me that the ant+ is on in the left corner on the screen, but thats all.
Please help me to connect it

Same question here. I tried to connect my Samsung Galaxy S7 to the 4front. It did not work. Tried via a bluetooth connection. Did not find the treadmill. The 4front is on the Zwift list of approved smart treadmills so there has to be a way to make it work. Am going to try with an Ipad.


check at first if you have a Bluetooth or ant chip in your 4front. By my that was missing. In the next inspection they will install one of them in my 4front.

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I have a 4front (with the ‘personal trainer console’). Works great with Zwift over Bluetooth. Haven’t had any pairing issues.

Yes bluetooth is activated. I can pair my phone or headphones to the treadmill without problem. When I launch Zwift, the 4front does not appear in the list. I tried to pair the phone with the treadmill before launching Zwift then tried to just connect Zwift with the treadmill. Nothing in both cases. Zwift just does not find the treadmill. :confused:

You must ask woodway if your treadmill has a Bluetooth chip inside? If not, you must update you treadmill to connect it with zwift.
I wait also for a answear from woodway if it is possible to update my 4front.

I have a ant chip inside my treadmill, but this one not connect with zwift.

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Might be that your Woodway is already connected to your phone. I’ve had problems with sensors (including the Woodway) not connecting to my zwift PC, if they are already connected to my phone. So now I always turn off my phone bluetooth, to make sure, before starting a zwift session.