Zwift Running - Treadmill Support

Hi there


I have a Woodway Desmo treadmill that transmits Speed and Distance via Ant+, it connects to my Garmin 910XT Fine under ‘Fitness Equipment’ however when I run the running element of Zwift, the Zwift desktop version doesn’t allow me to connect even when I have an ANT+ dongle attached to the Mac.


Has anyone else been able to connect Zwift to a treadmill transmitting running speed and distance correctly?

Strictly speaking Zwift Running isn’t yet a supported feature but you can get a lot of help here

Hello , which Zwift’s compatibale running indoor equipments do you recommend ?

i have a wahoo fitness for my cylicing training and now need to set up the running training for my wife :slight_smile:







Started Zwift running on Precor 9.35 treadmill with Wahoo Gymconnect Retrofit Kit. Working ok except for two issues

  1. Running angle does not seem to adjust automatically 

  2. Took screenshot and the treadmill monitor died. Power going to the motor ok but totally dead upstairs. 

Plan is to wait and hope it works again or contact Precor for any ideas.

Anybody any ideas?



I ride Zwift on a Wahoo Kickr and am considering buying the Life Fitness F3 Folding treadmill with the Track Connect Console.

The Track Connect Console is enabled with Bluetooth and will allow push data to a growing list of partner apps including Nike+, Garmin and MyFitnessPal through Wahoo’s RunFit by enabling proximity login. Does anyone know if Zwift will build an integration with the Track Connect Console or does this exist today?

I have the F3 treadmill with track connect. The treadmill does connect to zwift and transmit treadmill speed. I haven’t got the incline working automatically not sure if this is supported or if there is an upgrade available for track connect.

Anyone have any luck using Nautilus T628 treadmill with Zwift?