Life Fitness F3 connection

I have a life fitness F3 treadmill with a track console. Zwift says it’s compatible but maybe this applies only to newer versions. I have and old version with ipod docking and usb based virtual training.

I don’t know the details of this equipment but using Zwift will depend on the treadmill supporting Bluetooth. Some equipment requires you to do something to enable Bluetooth. You may need to report the serial number to Life Fitness to get a clear answer. If it does support Bluetooth, you should be able to see the treadmill using a Bluetooth scanner such as nRF Connect or Bluetooth Inspector. If you get that far but Zwift doesn’t see it, I would try using the QZ app ( which can bridge many devices to Zwift. There won’t be any point in trying QZ unless you get Bluetooth working though.

Thank you so much for the detailed answer Paul.
Tried to scan BT on my Track Console. Looks like it doesn’t have BT because I can’t identify it in scanning tools. I can’t completely exclude it as there is an irritating amount of unknown signals but they don’t seem to be close enough. However, in the manual and menu there is no BT mentioned. I don’t know which protocol the delivered HR sensor uses (Ant?) but anyway…
So there’s just a USB connector left and I guess the task is impossible :frowning:
I have a footpod but using Zwift to steer incline would be awesome. No I ll have to use a laptop and ant+

You won’t get auto incline Jurgen, Zwift does not support this on any treadmill.
It’s only achievable if you bridge using 3rd party apps.

How old is your track console?

Does your treadmill update the life fitness app?

Oh I see Stuart! Thanks for letting me know. I bought the F3 in May 2017 (it had just 30km).
Didn’t know or think about an App. Gonna try this later back home :+1:t3:

I suspect it’ll be too old. My work based newer model (2020) isn’t compatible.

Guess you are right. Plus the Life Fitness App seem to be more focused on storing global profiles. Mine is way too old for things like this. Sad considered how expensive those devices are. Getting a new console doesn’t seem the be an easy (cheap) thing either.

No, they are expensive bits of kit for sure.

No, won’t pay off for me. However thanks to you guys for so much dedicated help :+1:t3: