Connect Life Fitness T3 treadmill to Zwift via Apple TV

Anyone with any suggestions on connecting a Life Fitness T3 treadmill (older model, say 2016) to apple TV so I can connect to my Zwift account? The treadmill has a track console with USB port and an older iphone connector port though no built-in bluetooth nor wifi connectivity options. I have looked many places but have not determined an obvious solution so would appreciate any suggestions. I know I could buy more gear (e.g. stryd sensors, etc) but would like to limit cost if possible.

It’s probably a no-go unless you can at least find a public USB spec for it. If you happen to run across one, ping me and I’ll see if we can add it to PainSled Android which does USB connections and BLE treadmill emulation.

FWIW, you can still find basic footpods (ANT+ or BLE) on eBay for under $30. Look for “Adidas MiCoach SpeedCell”. They fly under the radar but they were likely built in the same factory as Garmin and Suunto footpods. I’ve tested them and they work fine with Zwift.

EDIT - I agree with @Stuart.Middlecoate’s suggestion of the NPE-Runnn though it’s a bigger financial outlay than a simple footpod.

An NPE Runn is probably your best hassle free option.

Foot pod good suggestion but they are notoriously problematic unless you get a Stryd.
The Runn can be fiddly to get setup but once it’s working it provides a relatively accurate and simple link to Zwift.

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Another option is the NPE GEM Retro which connects to the CSAFE port on the 95Ti.
I have a LifeFitness 95Ti which has a CSAFE port. I am not sure whether the LifeFitness T3 has a CSAFE port.
The GEM Retrofit broadcast the speed/pace from the LifeFitness 95Ti directly to Zwift.

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