Apple TV update results in

With the latest Apple TV update, (and Zwift update) I no longer have BLE connectivity with my treadmill Life Fitness T5.
Others have reported the same issue in Zwift Runners Facebook group.

It is seen via iPad and PC on BLE but Apple TV does not work anymore.
I don`t know who is to blame, or to ask for assistance but would appreciate Zwift looking into this and offering some trouble shooting advice.
Thank you

I’ve got exactly the same problem with my LifeFitness T3. It’s seen by Zwift on my iPhone and iPad, just not the ATV :frowning: Other devices like headphones all pair to the ATV as normal.

I read that macOS now prohibits insecure bluetooth connections so I that may be related (I know it’s tvOS, but I wonder if they’ve done it there too).

I just did the Hilltop Hustle with the treadmill linked to the ATV through the Companion app on my phone, but that went a bit wrong as I got stuck at 8.1mph no matter how fast or slow I went! Kinda annoying as I wanted to race properly, but I’m not sure that problem is related anyway.

I’ve logged a ticket with LifeFitness to see if they can shed any light on it.


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I ran the same (this morning) race on my homemade treadmill using apple TV without problems.
I pair ATV using the Bluetooth 4.0 standard-- appleTV is able to sense both speed and grade.
If you are interested in debugging your treadmill, download the FREE NRF connect utilty on your iPhone / Android. It is legit, made by Nordic Semiconductor, a major contributor to the BLE specification.
See if your treadmill is visible on the app. Look for the "Service UUID <1826>. 1826 is the “Fitness Equipment” service that ATV looks for.
In my case, my treadmill is named HANGMILL.

Good Luck

My experiences confirm the above findings. There recently arose a problem with BLE-communication between the LifeFitness Track Connect console and Apple TV 4K. The console connects normaly with all other devices (like PC, iPhone).

I really don’t think the problem is with the treadmill as nothing has changed there. Firmware is the same as ever. It’s only in the last week that people have started to have problems with it connecting to the ATV, ie. after the recent 12.3 update.

Plus it connects fine to other iOS devices.

macOS 10.14.5 disables accessories with insecure Bluetooth connections. For tvOS this was done last year in tvOS 11.4. As such, I doubt this is the source of the problem.

Plus BLE is encrypted.

Thanks Lin. Good to know.

I just got a reply from Life Fitness in the UK and it doesn’t sound good :frowning:


Good morning,

This looks like Apple have changed their protocols for using third party apps with our equipment.

The issue will lie with Apple, and not Life fitness, as it is their protocols that have changed.
I can raise this with the software team in the US, but Apple will have to change their T&Cs to work with our equipment.

Is there any way you can determine exactly what data the Life Fitness unit is sending out over BLE?

If you have a free second, the nrf connect utility mentioned earlier is amazing

Personally I can’t do anything until the weekend as I work away. I downloaded the app last night, but I don’t see what I could do with the data though. What did you have in mind?

I guess you could see if your treadmill is actually sending Bluetooth BLE packets that atv can successfully pick up.
The Nordic app just sees BLE. So the hope is to see if your treadmill is even visible.
Backstory: BLE has servers and clients. Your treadmill should be acting like a server, sending out BLE packets that your atv client should be able to use… so find your treadmill on the. Nordic app, then look for the service 1826, that’s the universal ID for Fitness Machine. Indeed, you can even use the app to see what speed and grade and total distance etc is getting sent over the air.
TLDR: If you see that service, than the problem is with atv. If either the treadmill or the service is missing, than the problem is with the treadmill. Good Luck

The treadmill connects to other iOS devices (running Zwift) such as my iPad or phone without any issues, so it’s definitely a change in the implementation of BLE on the ATV. This was already confirmed my LifeFitness.

Now whether need to change something or Apple need to change something is open to question.

Not holding out much hope though.

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Hi all! Thanks to this post and some testing in our labs, we were able to reproduce the issue and our team is investigating.

Haven’t seen any changes in functionality of my atv, utilizing pretty generic BLE— for what it’s worth. Hope things start working soon!

That’s great news! Thanks!

Thanks in advance for your efforts. Until recently, the BLE connection of the LifeFitness Track Connect console with Zwift on Apple TV was flawless and effortless. It is a shame that such a premium setup is suddenly no longer available. Let me know if I can help you with something.

Just to add my thanks to Josie for the update too. Hope there’s some resolution and if I can also help at all with testing, please let me know. Or if you need to know my ticket number with LifeFitness to contact them…

I only bought my T3 a month ago particularly because of the integration :frowning: Really hope to get it working again.


@Simon_Funnell @Karel_Bruneel Thank you for your offers! We are hoping to release a fix sooner rather than later so we can get y’all back up and running :slight_smile: