Can't connect Life Fitness F3 (with Track Connect) to Zwift

Hi folks - I picked up a Life Fitness F3 with the intent of using it with Zwift given that it was listed as one of the supported treadmills, but I can’t seem to get it connected to either my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet (running PC version of Zwift & Windows 10), or using my Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 or my Samsung Galaxy S8 (both running the latest preview version of Zwift on Android).

I can successfully all of my devices to see the LF F3 and pair on bluetooth, LF’s own LFConnect app works fine, but when I try to search for the treadmill with Zwift I get the searching screen with no device found.

If anyone has managed to get the LF F3 working with Zwift, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

The Life Fitness F3 should work. It likely won’t change grade automatically just yet, but it should at least connect.

Please exit Zwift completely then use your official Life Fitness support app to check for updates to your Track Connect console. Once it’s updated, if their app allows you to test your treadmill, try that out. If everything is working, please unpair your F3 from their official app and ensure it isn’t running in the background.

Bluetooth is a bit peculiar in that if an item is already paired in another app, in your operating system’s Bluetooth settings, or on other devices, it won’t pair in Zwift. Please ensure all previous pairings are forgotten.

Afterward, you should be able to open Zwift, switch to the Running section of the Paired Devices screen and your F3 should be pairable. Your surface tablet won’t be able to pair with it over Bluetooth without using Zwift Companion, and there’s a small chance it may not pair with your Android tablet since Zwift is still in Beta.

I did find an article on Life Fitness’ site going over Life Fitness connect and how to pair it in third-party applications like Zwift.

I did a bit of research and while I can find other Zwifters who were able to pair the F3, I’m not finding instructions on how to do it. Keep in mind, there may be a setting in Life Fitnesses’ official support app that allows you to transmit data over Bluetooth that may need to be enabled. If you do have luck connecting, I’d be curious about the cause of the complication. If you’re kind enough to let us know the steps that get your Life Fitness paired properly, we’d be happy to pass along the information to our other Life Fitness members.

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