Life Fitness Treadmill support & auto incline


My dealer is telling me that the Life fitness F3 (with track console) is supported on Zwift, but according to this website, only the Life Fitness T series is supported. Please can you confirm  re F3 ?

Assuming it is supported, please can you let me know if the treadmill will auto incline to match the incline on the zwift course, or whether incline has to be done manually ?

Many thanks !

From what I’m aware, we are only compatible with the T3 specifically. Not the whole TX series, but just the T3 model of the Life Fitness treadmill.

While some devices that aren’t on our Supported Treadmills list may work, it’s a bit of a gamble. Sometimes none of the features work, and sometimes only specific sensors will read correctly. Optimistically, just about any treadmill can be used with Zwift with the addition of a footpod, but if you’re looking for one that has been tested and is known to work well with Zwift, I wouldn’t recommend the F3 yet.

I gave the rest of our community a search and I can’t find anyone else using the Life Fitness F3 specifically, but many of our other members are finding out Life Fitness’ other models aren’t working properly.

I can’t speak to whether the features of the F3 will work or not, so even if the treadmill itself does feature incline support, without officially testing the treadmill, I wouldn’t be able to speak toward whether Zwift will be able to communicate with the treadmill to increase or decrease incline automatically.

Maybe our other community members could supply a few recommendations if you’re willing to go into what type of features you’re after.

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