Clarification on Treadmill Support


I’m looking for some clarification on how Zwift supports the treadmills listed here.

If I understand what I’ve been able to determine from reading the forums, Medium, Slowtwitch, etc., the only treadmill support is to receive speed, heart rate and possible distance data stream from the treadmill via Bluetooth.

Zwift CANNOT control the speed or the incline of the treadmill to match the terrain in the selected course.

Is that correct?



That is correct, Zwift cannot control the speed of the treadmill nor the incline of it.

Zwift reads incline also. During a workout, you can see total distance climbed increasing. This gets uploaded to Strava etc, but disappears after the workout is over.
Sadly, Zwift can not set treadmill speed and incline.
I would gladly beta test such functionality…
I have grade data for most of the named courses in Watopia in spreadsheet form. I have programmed these grade vs distance maps into my treadmill. It works well.