Sportstech F37

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I looked up the “official” list of ZWIFT supporting smart treadmills. In spite of not finding the F37 from Sportstech in the list, I want to ask, if anybody has positive experience already using ZWIFT with this treadmill. If yes, is it fully functional? i.e. auto adjustment of incline?
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No treadmill does this with Zwift. Supported treadmill just means it will connect to Zwift as a speed source.

Thank you Paul for your quick reply.

I just found this forum-topic for May 2020:
Sportstech F37 / gradient Zwift App

Hello, since the software update of Zwift 3 days ago, the gradient is no longer automatically adjusted when I run. What do I have to change in the app to make it work again?

It sounds to me, that this function exists generally, but stopped with the mentioned update.

It exists for biking and works perfect, so why shouldn’t it work for treadmills? :thinking:

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