Women now blocked from seeing Overall Sprint Leaderboards (23rd Feb Update)

Since the last update (23rd Feb 2024 on AppleTv) I am no longer shown the overall sprint leaderboard, only the female board after completing a sprint.

Please restore to how this use to work, by showing female riders both the female and overall boards.

I don’t know if this is a bug or intentional. If it’s intentional it is discriminating against top female sprinters. I often beat many men in sprints and appear up the top of the overall sprint leaderboards, because I’m genetically built like a sprinter and in the top 10% based on raw power for sprint distances in ZwiftPower. Very occasionally I may even top the overall sprint leaderboard. I am driven to improve by chasing men times. I can’t imagine how frustrating this change (bug?) would be for those top women who actually ride track and practice in Zwift.

Please give us back what we previously had, both female and overall sprint leaderboards when sprinting/climbing.

(this happened today in Neokoyo - I assume it isn’t just a glitch on a particular route but a system wide change made in the last update)

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to leadership boards going back to how they use to be.

I noticed this as well on Friday club and group rides.
I assume it’s a bug.

I’m on Mac OS.

Hi @Melissa_Perrow and @Lebasi_Lashley ! Thank you for raising this up. I was unable to recreate this bug in my own test account. Could you tell me more about where you saw this? Also, could you confirm what your “Leaderboards” setting in the Settings menu is toggled to?

maybe Zwift just doesn’t want to embarrass the male sprinters. I know i have a fragile ego.

Thanks for reaching out.

It happened on The Herd FriYay Ride (which was scheduled at Sat 24 Feb at 11:40 AEDT which is Sydney Australia time). The route was Neokyo All-Nighter and the not showing females the overall leadership boards occurred for all of the sprints which included Castle Park Sprint and Alley Sprint. I mentioned it at the time and a couple of other females confirmed they also weren’t seeing the overall board. This ride was straight after I updated appletv.

I’ve ridden group rides daily since Saturday, which have been on routes all in other worlds and am now seeing both female and overall leadership boards.

Thanks for investigating!

Hi @Melissa_Perrow and @Lebasi_Lashley. Welcome to Forums, this is Juan a Zwift colleague. I appreciate you taking the time to flag this issue regrading Women are block from seeing the Sprint leaderboards, as well as the deteiled explanation. So far, there is no known issue associated with this. Don’t be discouraged. We will further investigate this on our side. Please keep an eye on this thread. Our commitment with your satisfaction is unwavering.

Seems to be back to operating as normal.

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Hi @Lebasi_Lashley. It’s Juan again, thanks for sharing your valuable feedback. I’m glad to know that everything is working as expected.

By any chance, is everything okay on your end now @Melissa_Perrow?