Wkg in a race I've just done

So I did a wrtl race and was marked with WKG.

My weight is right, power is right, and hr all good.

Basically been recovering from an ongoing leg issue where I’ve had alot of medical issues with it. Now sorted and been doing proper training.

Anyway how can I get my entry un-disqualified? As I’m. Really happy with it and I’d like to see it on the board. Silly really but when you can see the gains it makes all the difference and this is one of them… I didn’t win, but came 8th or 9th.

Hopefully I’ll Make A cat again soon…

You did 4.341w/kg witch is A level power. It look like you are ready to race A again.



And I’m over the moon with that. Been a long painful frustrating road but I’m there. But I would like to be included in that race result…

I’m in b cat, I entered honestly, abode by the rules and I should be included in those results. And I want to go up to A cat…

You can contact WTRL:

But from the race description:

And the preceeding part says “you must race in your assigned zwiftpower category”

Yes it does. so in short, “race in your category and don’t exceed the category limits”.

But contact the organizer they may look into this, that is your best change.

So how do I do that. The race organiser is wrtl


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Thank you very much