Windows 11, Edge and Zwift Launcher

I got a new PC which runs Win 11. Win 11 does not include the old Internet Explorer, only Edge. I’m having hit or mis problems launching Zwift. Sometimes I get just a white box, sometimes a white box with HTML link lines, sometimes it works OK. I just have to relaunch Zwift over and over until I get the regular Lets Go screen. Zwift forums says Zwift launcher runs in Internet Explorer. I’ve tried Edge “compatibility” tab, but still, sometimes it works, sometimes not. Anyone have any insites or info on this? BTW Once launched, Zwift runs OK. Thanks.

Go to Download Zwift on iOS, MAC, PC, or Android Devices | Zwift and install the latest Zwift version.

The Zwift launcher doesn’t use Internet Explorer any more, so it should work fine. As Gerrie said, download the latest version which also has a recent laumcher update to try and help with these “white box” problems.