Windows 10 update 8/28/20

Windows updated and now I cannot launch Zwift. Tried uninstalling Zwift and reinstalling and no luck?

Make sure you are using the steps in this article:

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thanks, will double check.

Tried the suggest, deleted all the mention files. Still will not launch?

OK, is this a personal or work computer?

Are you an admin on the computer?

Have you tried right-clicking on the icon and Run as administrator

Personal and yes I tried that.

Seeing zwiftlauncher.exe application has a date modified as 9/5/19? Could this be out of date?

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that uses internet explorer to launch Zwift, did the windows update do something to your browser settings?

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You also might want to reset your Edge browser or just try clearing the cookies.

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Talking about IE. Did you clear the history and cookies in IE.


If he is fully up-to-date he could be using the Edge browser, but it’s just a new name for the same junk.

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IE coexists on Windows 10 systems with Edge, for legacy compatability reasons.

Thanks will try all suggestions

I think the newest version of Edge uninstalls IE, but in Programs>Turn Windows Features on or Off you can reinstall it.

Nothing is working🥶. Going to ride the old fashion way outside. Try again later. Thanks

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Interesting, I’ve had the new Edge on my system for quite a while and haven’t needed to do anything with IE. Might be because I’m on Pro. Worth checking though, thanks.

I have only run Win10 Pro and notice that when I updated to the newest version of Edge that IE was gone.

It does and I did turn on IE. Microsoft just sucks.

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Did you update it manually? Mine just changed one day. I haven’t installed v2004 yet, if that makes any difference.

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I mean, it’d be nice if Zwift didn’t rely on such an old, generally unsupported piece of software…

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That could be the difference, I keep mine on the latest update due to managing a network of 100’s of computers (some idiot has to test things out). I use WSUS and GP to manage updates.

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