Win10 - Losing zwift screen during rides

Over the past week I have started to lose my zwift screen intermittently during rides.  The session continues in the background, but i’m left looking at my desktop.  I have to click on the Zwift icon for the screen to re-appear. 

I’ve also noticed that the zwift graphics get a little jumpy at times.  

Both issues are making it hard to enjoy the experience. Are these known issues ? 

I run this on a Lenovo Win10 laptop with all recent MS updates/hotfixes. Thx 

Another program is interrupting your Zwift session. Unless you know which program is causing this, you should consider not running in “full screen” mode. Switch to “window mode” in the Zwift settings panel. That will help. 

Yes the screen on the laptop goes blank occasionally in Win 10 for me as well, yet on the projector screen it’s still there running.  No amount of mouse clicking or button pressing will bring it back on the laptop screen.  I have to navigate through the projector.  The display on the laptop reemerges when you shut Zwift down at the end of your session.

As for the jumping around.  That also happens if I dont have the power lead plugged in when Zwift is running.  As soon as I plug the laptop back in… It smooths out again.

Ian Donohoe MTB

For your first problem, go to the display settings screen in Windows and set it to “mirror” screen. That should display the same screen on your computer and on the projector. 

We turn down the performance if you don’t use the power lead. It’s not clear if that is what you are experiencing.