Advice - stop other programs opening

All, after a bit of advice please from anyone technically astute. 

When I have Zwift ruining on my laptop, every now and again a new page will open up automatically, and I will lose the Zwift view… Sod’s law this will always happen during a race or a hard workout, and as I dont have the laptop in reaching distance, I have to get off the bike to close the new page down and open the Zwift page again.

Anything I can do to stop this happenieng? 

Hi.  Whilst I can’t be sure of your exact details there is a known and well documented issue with Windows 10 and Full Screen “games”.  This is not unique to Zwift.

I eventually abandoned using full screen mode and instead run windowed.  This solves the problem, but means you have to live with a Bar at the top of the screen.  It’s not ideal, but for those of us with a PC away from the bike it’s necessary.

For information this seems to be caused by a process randomly grabbing attention from the main app for just a fraction of a second.  It’s never long enough to see what app is doing it and I’ve seen some people resolve it by deleting specific apps and others never find the culprit.  It’s extremely annoying.

Thanks Andrew!

Yeah this is a pretty big annoyance with Windows 10.  Can you confirm you do in fact use Win10?

No - I actually use Windows 8.

It used to work perfectly and never happened until recently (about 2 weeks ago), where it has since happened 3 times. 

I get the annoying GWX upgrade to windows 10, now go to task manager and end task pre workout everytime.

Hi All

Glad I found this thread.  Racing last night I had the Zwift screen minimise every 10 minutes or so, was a bit of a reach from the bike to the laptop to click on the taskbar.  I’m running windows 10.  I’ll try the ‘windowed’ setting - urggh.  Ride On