Entire Zwift Screen Disappears at Random Times

I use a laptop to run Zwift. About 2 or 3 times per ride lately the entire screen disappears. Not just the other riders disappearing, but the entire screen. I can get it to come back by clicking the Zwift launch icon in the taskbar at the bottom of my screen. My internet connection is good and I’ve even had the same problem when I’ve run a wired ethernet connection from the laptop to the router. Very weird. It’s never crashed and the screen will always come back after I click the Zwift icon. Anyone had similar issues? Thanks!

It sounds like it is minimizing not crashing, correct? Do you have to log back in and pair sensors again, or do you go right back to where you were? If just minimizing then something on your system is running in the background and causing this to happen.


No, it never crashes. I just click the Zwift launch icon and it comes right back to where I was in the ride. I did go check and see what apps were running in the background and there were a bunch of them running. I turned most of them off, so hopefully this will solve the problem. I’ll ride later today and post an update. Really appreciate your help!