Will riding with the trainer off damage it?

I am new to Zwift & am using an Elite Suito smart trainer. My partner wants to have a pedal on it but can’t face the complexity of Zwift or anything similar. She just wants to sit there & spin her legs watching a film.
Does anyone know if it ok for her to do this with the trainer turned off. It still generates a bit of resistance when it’s not plugged in… or will it damage the trainer?

Thanks in advance.

You can use an Elite Suito without power, it’ll simulate a grade somewhere between 0-1%, so depending on how fast she’s riding she may spin out but it does work.

You can also use the Elite app to set a higher resistance level while it’s plugged in, if you then unplug the trainer while at that higher resistance it’ll stay at therel until it’s plugged back in.

very unlikely but i am not an Elite employee so i’m not liable if you do try it and the thing explodes. i have done that accidentally with my own direto x before though

You blew it up or you just spun on it for a while?

nah it was fine, i had my power meter as primary and didnt notice for an hour and a half. no reason why it would damage anything as far as i can tell

Oh, a literal trainer explosion would have been awesome. :bike: :boom: :grinning: But also not, because there goes the beautiful trainer…
I’ve actually had this question myself. Wahoo Kickr V5