Wifi router blocking access to Zwift launcher and Forums

Hi, for some reason my wifi router / provider seems to be blocking access to the Zwift download CDN, Zwift launcher IP address and Forums (I have had to connect via mobile hotspot to post here).

I’m not a IT/Network technical person and not sure what I need to do on my router settings to allow access again.

I don’t really want to have to connect to my mobile hotspot to run Zwift everytime I want to use it.

Any suggestions?

Which router is it?

It’s a Now Hub two.

I’m sure I’ve had no problems before but it has been a while since i used Zwift.

Ok, so found out what the issue was. Had set up some custom ‘Broadband buddy’ settings that were blocking these particular urls.


Congratulations, you are now an IT/Network technical person :smiley: