Unable to connect to internet


I’m using Zwift for my laptop but unfortunately I can’t open the launcher. Every time when I try I get the message “Zwift is unable to connect to the internet, Please confirm internet connection and try again. ERROR ZL01”.

I have used this laptop for the Zwift trial version with the same router and it worked fine half a year ago. Now that I got the Zwift membership it doesn’t. I tried with my mobile hotspot and I get the same message, I tried to run Zwift on my Android app and it worked fine with the same wi-fi as my laptop. Also the companion app works just fine. I think it’s safe to say that it isn’t my internet connection right? I have installed Norton virus protection recently but everything is allowed for Zwift in the firewall section.

Is there anything I’m missing that can be changed to fix this?

Thanks in advance for reading!

I would not rule out your connection issue. It may be port that need permission on the router.

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Thanks for the response Gerrie. I’m not really tech-savy, I thought since it worked on the Android App on a phone that’s connected to the same router it should be OK. Any suggestions on what to do?

Android and windows may require different ports.

And you turn the antivirus off and the firewall and test Zwift?

Make sure your PC is up to date and try restarting your modem and router to see if that helps.

Everything’s checked. Even when I use my phone as a mobile hotspot I get exactly the same error message. I don’t really know what else to try.

Fixed it by resetting all network connections to default. Thanks for the help and suggestions :slight_smile:

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