Zwift connection problems

I have 2 laptops on which I have downloaded Zwift. One of them, works fine, I can log in and run zwift no problems, but its my wife’s work machine so I can’t always use it.
When I try and log in on mine, I get an error message at the login dialogue box. It says that there is a problem with my internet connection but this is not the case. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but no joy.
The weird thing is, when I try and start up zwift, it must connect to an extent because as its telling me it cant connect, it is playing the sound from the zwift start up in the back ground.
Any ideas? It is driving me nuts! Obviously there must be something I need to change about the settings on this laptop but its not like its old or anything.

Are you using a VPN on your device to connect with the internet? Or could it be a firewall setting?
Will Zwift play on your phone using your home network?

I’m not using a VPN and I dont think there’s a firewall, surely it wouldnt allow me to connect on the other laptop successfully?

It could be firewall software on your own PC.

As I am not great with such things, any ideas on how I can check?,off%20in%20the%20left%20column.

OK, so I tried that and turning off the laptop firewalls didn’t make any difference. ARRGGGGH!

Is this a work laptop?

Yes, it is.

There could be Group Policy settings that have been configured by your IT department that are preventing access.