So had an issue today.

My Android zwift program wasn’t showing me, or the game, yet was showing everything else. I was just a spectator on the home screen.


I found that my PC was connected to my WiFi, but my phone was logged into the extender.

They both need to be attached to the same wifi access point, even if they are on the same network, and in the same house. 

Had to delete the ext, and reconnect on the standard wifi point. 


It depends on how you have it setup.

I have my PC connected to the router using a network cable (CAT5e) and my iPhone that runs the ZML is on WiFi (off the same router) and they are both on different subnets and I don’t have an issue with them connecting.


oh, they connect. I only have one router. What I am saying is, the phone connected with the extender, and the PC with base. So I got logged in to zwift, but saw different things. UNtil I connected to the same base, I couldn’t run zwift with my phone.



 I used Zwift last winter in my basement. No connection issues. This summer we redid an upstairs bedroom to a workout studio. I am using the same trainer as before. I am now using a different bike ( previous Giant with the speed cadence sensor that comes with Giant Bikes) the new bike is a Trek with a Duotap sensor. The Bedroom is at the far in of our house. I can connect and start riding, but my avatar stops after 5-8 minutes. I will not move on the screen, but will still get a HR reading. My husband and I are thinking we need a better router/booster set up, but just seeing if anyone else has a thought on what may be the issue. Thanks in advance!