Connection problems only in races

Hi guys,
So I have wifi problems. I don’t think it’s tied directly to Zwift, since I noticed wifi dropouts at other times when I wasn’t zwifting, but it also seems most frequent between 19:30 and 20:15, which is the time I race ZRL and WTRL TTT. What is strange though is that today (actually on last Thursday TTT too), it happened only when I was in the race! No dropouts before the race or after finishing the race. The dropouts started when I was in the pens around the time the start timer went to 0:00. Since there was time, I managed to reset both my router and the wifi access points, but that didn’t help.
The problem was present on my phone too. Wifi connection didn’t work. I tried Companion and Youtube.
I am really confused by this.
Any ideas? Other than using wired connection, which worked at the time the wifi connection didn’t.