Zwift FAILED TO LOGIN Check internet connection

I am having this again this week twice in a week waking up early to find i can’t login. I have posted a follow up to this on another thread here but noone has responded.

I am in the UK
FTTC connection (landline and ‘fibre’)

I checked the AWS connection page green ticks and 6 red ticks. But ive seen many people have login issues with all green.

Can someone help out here or let me know how i engage support as i guess we shouldn’t really rely too much on community resolve on a product we are paying for development and support already.


Don’t know if this helps or not, but my company recently pushed out to all laptops the Zscaler application to block traffic to chat websites and such. The result is that I can login fine initially to the Zwift application but there is a second login attempt which occurs just before bringing you up to the page where you connect to all your devices. That second login gets blocked by Zscaler if it is running so I have to manually disable it to get in. The Zwift app just responds like my password is bad no matter how many times I type it in but the reality is that Zwift was unable to verify the password due to the network block put in place by Zscaler.

You really shouldn’t use company hardware for private purposes.
Like really, not even for checking private eMails.
They can log everything.

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Company has policy that allows for limited individual use which is really necessary for those of us who travel a lot and it isn’t practical to carry two laptops around.

So you can take your Bike and Trainer with you, when you travel, but not a second, private laptop? :thinking:

Well, just keep in mind, your company can see every keystroke, every website you visit and can turn the webcam/mic on to watch you.

All you need are power meter pedals and the bike in the exercise room of the hotel.Yeah, I get it though about what IT can do. Got my computer science degree 32 years ago. :slight_smile:

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Zscaler is the spawn of the devil when it comes to realtime network monitoring of employees in the wrong hands. F that, i would trash that laptop immediately.

This is the problem with the world today we are allowing computers to monitor profiteer and absolutely butt fck us down to the last .0000000001$ in every way including our time and effort. The worst thing to ever happen to us.