Why don't Group Ride and Workout leaders want Steering?

Pretty much every group ride or workout, it seems the leaders of these events have made “Steering Not Allowed”. What are they afraid will happen in these kinds of events that aren’t by definition ‘winnable’?

Exactly so. Here’s my thread that Shuji moved into Feature Requests:

Yup. I saw your post, but I disagree with Zwift that it’s a “feature request”. The feature apparently already exists. The question is why don’t more leaders keep this feature enabled vs turning it off?

The Tuesday and Thursday Cryo-Gen Rides have steering enabled…

Hmm… is there another issue then? This is what appears on Zwifthacks listing for this ride “Steering not allowed” is one of the filters

And I’m still trying to figure out why they don’t enable the Companion App steering on the road. It seems to work pretty well on Repack Ridge where far sharper turns are needed. Why not enable that if the riders chooses to and not even need a Sterzo?

Hmmm. As the Tuesday leader and Thursday sweep this should be on… I’ll verify.

Thanks Ray, let us know what you find out.

Don’t feel bad though… on Zwifthacks events, 1818 out of 1838 cycling events are listed as “Steering Not Allowed” (for an as-yet undetermined reason).

Yes, the only rides with “Steering Enabled” are the ZHQ/Futureworks events as near as I can tell. To me this looks like a Zwift Inc default setting. NONE of the other Rides have steering enabled.

I have chatted with the ODZ leaders and we have turned on Steering for all our rides, but for some reason it defaults back to no steering.

Yes, this appears to be a Zwift Inc problem with the event planning page.

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Can or are you and/or other event leaders/organizers opening a support ticket on this?

I assume you’re not aware of a notification from Zwift that steering has been automatically been deactivated for all events (except one evidently)? Or a cause?

I have an explanation:
Found out Zwift changed in the game version 1.0.61217 so the community events tagged with ‘steering’ no longer actually had/have steering.

Zwift now require a steering_enabled tag instead.

I don’t know if organisers can re-enable steering in their events or not…

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The ZHQ events are now tagged differently than the community events.

It’s probably due to the organizers not signing the exclusivity contract. Dang.

I don’t know what this is a reference to, but even the TDZ event doesn’t have steering; isn’t that orgranized by Zwift itself?


Interesting. I have the Elite Sterzo, which Zwift sells themselves directly.

This doesn’t seem to have anything to do with event organizers though; this appears to be about the steering hardware makers? And while it’s barely something, steering does work when just free riding around.

Does this mean there should be no issue with any new events that are created, as long as the organizers do something new or different? Or is it unclear what anyone has to do to enable steering again for an event?

Support tells me that steering is enabled. We’ll see tomorrow morning.