How 'Bout Some Steering Rides?

With much fanfare and arm waving, steering has been enabled on the Wahoo Bike to go along with the Sterzo Smart. Wow, great. And other than a few ZHQ rides, it is not allowed on nearly all group rides. I understand it being prohibited in races because it is a substantial advantage but rides are … rides. The point of the thing is lane positioning in a group and if you can’t use it in the pack, why even spend a single minute of time making it work?

Come on group RIDE leaders, enable steering so we can put it to use somewhere. Please.

I completely agree. Why would a ride or workout leader opt to disable steering, or is Zwift itself defaulting to steering being off, and perhaps the leaders aren’t even aware?

Perhaps reach out to some of these leader groups? Eg. a lot of workouts are organized by Shayne Gaffney (GC Coaching). Zwift itself is doing the TDZ group rides, “The Herd” rides seem to have a large following and they have a FB page listed on their rides