What races allow steering

I completely agree. When I have it, I want to use it! Moreover a ride without Sterzo seems to me a litle poor when I got used to it.


Won’t the Companion app help with that?

You are right, the Zwift companion link via bluetooth allowed me to connect the Sterzo, Thankyou Simon

I got my Steerzo this week and have been really disappointed to find how few races and group rides support it.

The Steerzo seems to work great, though really wish I didn’t have to use the companion app to pair everything. Appreciate this is an Apple issue, not Zwift.

Anyway, steering when riding by myself is just not worth the bother - much prefer using the Wahoo Climb. in racing it would be awesome, adding another dimension. But with no races supporting it, what’s the point?!? I found only 4 races on Zwift this week and all of them where in EU time zones so no use to those of us out here on the west coast.

Really disappointed as was excited to try this.


Agree @Batch. This looks ace and I’d be keen to buy one but hardly any races means I won’t yet. Even the races that there are I’m unlikely to be able to do due to other commitments. A shame really but hopefully situation will improve in future.

Maybe as more and more people get we will see a critical mass requesting more races, but who knows!? I suppose the problem is that people like me won’t buy until that happens, which means it won’t happen!


I think if we saw people using them in races and winning then we’d see more people buying them and using them. Would create a network effect.

With the current setup that’s not going to happen which will really dampen adoption. Can’t imagine that’s what Zwift or Elite wants, they must have put a ton of development time and capital in bringing this to market.

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I just looked at a bunch of races on a particular day and most of them do not allow steering, according to ZH. Is this the current trend, where most of the races do not allow steering? I see steering in an ADZ race, but what fun is that? Lol. Too bad, I just got the Sterzo and spent a couple of hours to get it to work and was looking toward using it for flat races.

I bought a Sterzo ten days ago
Had a great Hard and Long race last Sunday where it worked perfectly
Since then NO races or group rudes seemed to run it!
I used zwifthackers to find rides and went on the Valhalla group ride,… but the steeringwas not allowed
I the. Pucked a specific steering race at the Dolphin and ut still was not allowed.
In each case the Sterzo was connected and working before and after the races so it was clearly the races and group rides blocking the Sterzo
SO ZWIFT … you sold me this under false pretences. What ARE you going to do about it?
NOTE: I weight 83kg,…the Sterzo had started to creak badly on all pedal strokes aver 200watts after only one week.
ZWIFT: you clearly dont have a clue what you are doing here!!!

For some reason Zwift turned it off for all races?

I would like it if race organizers had the opportunity to turn it on if they want it in their races

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Agreed Gerrie
When you use the Stelzo you have the steering wheel symbol next to your companion app logo on the riders column on the Right hand side
However Zwift has not thought to add such a symbol to the races that allow steering in Events! And the symbol with a line thru it where it is banned.
And there is no way of knowing even with the Future works races specifically for steering as to whether they will allow it until you start the race
Right now they have sold a product of dubious quality and no real application
Shame on you Zwift

Echoing your sentiment. I got a Sterzo this week, although the order was a few months back, and I kind of regret it now seeing how few options to use it are there … maybe @Wes or someone else from Zwift could comment on that?

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My wife kindly got me a sterzo as a surprise Xmas present. Looking on zwifthacks (using steering race filter) there now appears to be a decent number spread through the day. For example I count 16 for tomorrow (though far less today). I’ve done 2 races now for which zwift hacks said enabled and this proved correct

The races themselves were great fun and for me adds an extra dimension

So a cautious thumbs up from me currently. Be interesting to see how it develops. I read somewhere that post April 2021 other devices will be allowed by zwift to use steering functionality which may lead to a lot more people having access to, which in turn could really help to drive this area

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Ok, maybe we can understand why it could/should be turned off for races, unless it’s a purpose-based race that is only for people with steering plates. That is, it could offer a competitive advantage I suppose.

But what is the rationale for turning off for group rides and workouts where there isn’t such a thing as a winner?

My thread asking the very same question:

I don’t understand why it’s not enabled in more rides…

Your comment prompted me to go back to
Zwift Hacks website and check what races coming up allow steering.

Interestingly this seems to have reverted back to just the ZHQ ones, whereas when I looked at this prior to the recent update (that included the kickr bike steering update) there were considerably more

This strikes me as very odd. It feels like something has changed on the Zwift side of the fence to remove all these races just at the point were a load more zwifters get to use it

With the current difficulty with Bluetooth, I’m going to revert to ANT+ until this is fixed. There’s really no point to having steering in free rides so…

See here: Why don't Group Ride and Workout leaders want Steering? for an explanation of what has changed

What’s not clear now, is whether anyone has bothered to ask Zwift about this, or whether someone’s working on fixing this? Or was it intentional and there’s no plan to reintroduce steering to any of the 98%+ of the events where it’s currently not allowed?

Shooj has updated the above linked thread. Essentially, event RIDE organizers need to contact HQ to get steering enabled. It is not in the organizers toolbox so they need to take a special step (or four) to get it set up. This, of course, makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE WHATSOEVER! Event organizers are already buried under a huge amount of overhead putting on Zwift events for FREE and just what they want is another wicket to run through for a very small minority of participants.

Great. Excellent planning ZHQ.


So seems like a few more rides have but still can be difficult / impossible to find one that works with my schedule

If Zwift has removed steering as a default, possibly it is thought to give an unfair advantage, I’d say

  1. I’m not convinced this is the case when you have to work harder to stay in the draft and can get boxed in (as you can’t move through other riders when steering enabled)

  2. Don’t understand the logic that steering is an unfair advantage BUT ZPOWER RIDERS ARE TOTALLY FINE.