Steering as a default

I purchased a Elite Sterzo Smart and I’m really impressed. However, why isn’t steering enabled by default TDZ and group rides etc? I’m beginning to think I’ve wasted my money.

Ignoring TDZ for now, steering is enabled/disabled at the event organisers discretion.

It’s generally not enabled by default as those who can steer can get a decent advantage over those that can’t.

This shows all event with steering enabled: Events

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My be so, but most events I do on Zwift steering is disabled and I still feel its a waste of money.

If I knew that disabled steering was the default and people were slow to adopt I would never have purchased - simple.

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Maybe in some situations, but aren’t those with steering enabled not allowed to move into a position behind another rider/draft unless there is an open spot? Sometimes you might find that you are then forced to the back of the bunch, where others without steering might just move into the middle automatically and gain positions faster.

There are numerous posts on the forums about the lack of steering enabled events, I wouldn’t say it is a secret but you would have had to do some research to find the answer. I’m sure Zwift and Elite won’t publish it in their item description when selling the sterzo smart. Buyer beware.

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Hi Ian, the best experience I’ve found to get the most value out of a Sterzo is with the app GT Bike V. This app allows you to ride anywhere you want in the virtual world of Los Santos from the GTA 5 game - you can ride to the beach, up mountains, across fields, and you can even shoot people along the way. It’s “a bit techy” to set up but when you get in, it’s much more open than the side-to-side steering on Zwift and I think this is likely to be the way apps like Zwift work in 10 years’ time.

For now though, use on Zwift is limited and as James said, it gives you an advantage over those who don’t have one. So you if you find a steering-enabled race you can use the Sterzo to give a “legal” equipment advantage over most of the other competitors who don’t have one. Which is actually more fun than it sounds - especially if you keep telling yourself “it’s their own fault for entering a steering race when they can’t steer!” :wink:

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Saw this reference in the New pack dynamics thread (though not so new any more) that there is an impact to steering-device owners EVEN IF the ride has steering disabled.

Is this a known issue/bug? Being worked on or not? Any updates from Zwift on where they are in steering development and/or is this still “Futureworks”?