Need greater accessibility to steering

I have a Sterzo steering device and I use it often. Unfortunately I rarely see anyone else doing any steering. It is disappointing that Zwift introduced something could have made the game much more interesting and fun. I do not know if Zwift has and exclusive contract with Elite but I have to assume so. I think if there was another way of allowing people to steer it would be widely used. I just heard and interview on Zwift Cast with YC and alluded to the fact that steering has been a disaster.

The kickr bike has steering as well. The only reason I use it is to avoid getting slowed down by the dreaded sticky draft or to prevent someone trying to get the draft.

Otherwise it serves very little purpose.

it doesn’t come for free out the box with the setup, it costs extra money, and it gives you a competitive advantage on courses.

basically the definition of “pay 2 win”.

these kind of features never go down well in games.

either needs to be available to everyone for free (e.g. steer using button on zwift companion app), or they can forget about it.

zwift trainer setups are aready too expensive for many. majority of people are not going to be interested in investing more past the inital setup & subscription.


IMO steering makes no sense without braking. I do not know, but with steering can one still do 90 kph around a switchback?? If so, then what is the point other than @Chris_Denton_LACC point of avoiding the sticky draft?

I am waiting for the race report where steering is required but everyone went over the cliff edge on a downhill. Now that would be a race report to read.


Picking a better racing line through the corners. Very often the default line is quite wide.

I agree it needs to available to everyone and not at an added cost!! If it was then it would be mandatory to use it on some rides. If you don’t steer you go off the course. That would result in much greater interaction and I think more engaging.
Braking would be great also. I thought that was going to happen in the past but never did.

It does help picking lines better in races for sure. I personally don’t like that it gets disabled on many group rides. I don’t see the issue like on recovery ride where some have steering and others don’t. What’s the big deal if it’s not a race.

I really thought when Zwift introduced this what over a year ago that it was going to go somewhere but what a dud let alone a waste of $129 to only be able to use it when free riding.

Most of the time I don’t use it anyway. I also don’t do racing in Zwift - not interested at all. Zwift can remove Kickr Bike steering if they like.

The buttons would be better to select turning left or right. It’s fairly clunky using Apple TV remote. Better with companion app. But of Kickr Bike buttons controlled it then companion app is not needed.