Racing Series - Enforced no Steering

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Now you have created 2 classes of zwifters with the Zwift play device and those who cannot get the device sue to geography, and given they make such a significant difference to racing and results are you going to give the non Zwift Play users a fighting chance with a series that bans steering.

Can only say I am a more than a bit disappointed in the roll out of the Zwift Play devices.


There’s still the Sterzo, which is actually cheaper than the Play, and I believe pretty available internationally.

Yep but will be essentially another deprecated system once Zwift has general release on Zwift Play. Cant see why they cant have No Steering racing

Zwift should ban steering in all races until the Zwift Play is made available to all Zwifters worldwide.


Why would it be deprecated?

Just a little sus with it being a direct competitor to new Zwift device and was an exclusive…

Are you expecting them to deprecate every trainer on the market apart from their own too? Probably not.
They’ve explicitly stated the play controllers have been developed using an open protocol so that suggests they will encourage other devices, not prevent them.

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