ZRL and Zwift Games no steering?!?!?!

What the hell? Why did we buy the Zwift Play? You want us to steering doing workouts and following pacerbots?

The whole point of steering is to use in races and the two biggest race doesn’t includes it. $99 paper weight.

From a strategic point of view, Zwift fails miserably. The right have no idea what the left hand is trying to accomplish.

You guys need an all hands on deck and layout the master plan, because all these mid manager have no idea what direction the company is trying to go.


Consider the fact that not everyone has steering, zwift play is only available in the US and the UK… maybe Australia too? Most of the world can’t even order them. Some will argue that steering doesnt give you an advantage, but on certain courses it really can make a difference.

So it comes down to… is steering fair in races?

You can find many threads debating the fairness of steering.


@Mike_Rowe1 You forgot the EU.
And I believe US, UK and EU users are at least 50% (would be interesting to know, by the way).
And Zwift play is not the only one option for steering - I use Sterzo.

Fairness is another issue - but let’s not start it again.

Why should it be fair? We waste or time focusing on steering and putting our hand is least than ideal position so we gain an advantage.

If the focus was “fair” it should never be sold in the first place. Now that it is sold, the “fair” train has came and gone.

Or like now they put a sold a bunch of a functionally useless device. Good luck selling the next item that cost money.

This is effectively like putting a pay to win power up in game and nerfing the crap out of it afterwards,

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The problem is shipping to many places worldwide is not happening. So forced nullfiy their own device in feature races due to small % of people that has the controllers.

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It’s not usable in these two race series so it’s not usable at all? Interesting take.

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That’s a bit overblown I think. The device has quite a lot of uses like remotely navigating menus, giving rideons, using power up, etc.

Once more - Sterzo is another option.

US, UK and EU are not small % of all Zwift users IMHO. Perhaps it is one of the reasons Zwift is shipping there.

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Don’t forget that Zwift is very clear about the play being in beta. They have lowered the price ( discussion definitely possible about price point) until more use for it has been developed.

You know that when you buy the play…

Then again you could say about fairness of certain bike frames only being available at certain levels and the advantages that those frames can give… Let’s go back a few years when they banned cam jeffers for using a bot to get to the tron bike because it was the fastest at the time and he didn’t have it

Zwift never has and never will be ‘fair’ when it offers advantages to certain users, whether that’s through the length of time they’ve been using the platform or if it’s via steering (which has been pointed out that there are alternatives to the play controllers)


Yeah but bots seem to be no longer considered evil, they are rampant now and no matter how much you report them - seems no way to stop them. On another thread it was even suggested to use a bot to test a theory on workout mode. :frowning: I shot that down quickly.

So I suppose it’s perfectly fine to use a bot to level up quickly and get the tron bike.

I really was trying not too, hence I stated

But here we go again :roll_eyes:

It isn’t about is it in beta or not. It is about Zwift failing to work as a team.

Team Zwift Play only chance for success needs Team Zwift Racing to create demand.

If team Zwift racing isn’t putting it in ZRL and Zwift Games, you have no demand! It would be bound to fail.

You put Zwift Play in ZRL in all races, people will ask teammates to ship a unit to them. You will find it on eBay for $300.


Yeah demand is necessary. I don’t understand why they’re not sharing a roadmap. We now have only a vague idea of what to expect for the Play in the future, so we either have to buy it on faith or because of existing functionality.

I’m planning to get one next month, based on a bit of both.

So, next time we can complain together :rofl:.

not sure zwift know their road map at times

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I would hold off on it, with the recent layoffs and Zwift Hub getting canned, their whole hardware division might have been fired. If that is the case, this is the start of sending the Zwift Play to the trash bin process.

This might be round 2 of sterzo, they launch it ditch it, 4 years later…

Zwift employees: if you have the roadmap please share…

Could always put them on eBay or return if allowed

They’re trying to create a level playing field for Zwift games so not enabling steering makes sense. As far as frames not being equal here’s the quote about neutralized equipment:

Neutralized Equipment

In a surprising (and unannounced) twist, Zwift has set up all the Zwift Games events so frame and wheel choice are neutralized, just like the Elite races. This means you can ride any bike frame or wheels from your garage (even the Buffalo or Safety Bike!) and it will perform the same as everyone else’s frames and wheels.

Zwift says this was done to “make sure our whole racing community starts on a level playing field with respect to in-game equipment.” And don’t worry, the neutralized settings won’t slow you down… Zwift says they’re close to the Tron bike, meaning you’ll get good aero performance without sacrificing much speed on the climbs.Zwift Games:

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Think the neutralized equipment concept is from an employee that have no background in gaming.

Games isn’t driven by fairness. The biggest games out there are driven by micro transactions that make it unfair.

If Zwift is objectively trying to make money, it’s time to find a replacement to the employee that is trying to make it fair. That employee is detrimental to profitability.