Steering is not fair

steering is just wrong, Zwift is offering people willing to pay more money a clear advantage in races. Whats next paying for extra whats before races? Time to try another platform J think.

Interestingly, that is sort of how cycling works in real life, too.


People beating me without steering is unfair


What can you buy in real life that gives you a 30% advantage?

I hate steering in racing because it affects tactics. You see someone attack who has steering; what’s the point of chasing them? If you catch up to them they will be riding along the side of the road so you can’t draft them and if you move in front of them then they will just steer in behind you.

Never in real life do you look at someone else and say “Gee, they’ve got some expensive light weight carbon wheels so there’s no point in getting into a breakaway with them because they will be able to just ride away from me whenever they feel like it”

That’s the problem with steering. It’s not a few percent better performance. It’s a fundamental, game breaking advantage to be able to prevent other people drafting at will. An advantage which you can’t buy in the real world.


Please explain, IRL we can all steer?

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agreed zwift implementation is unfair.

They need to ship it worldwide or look at other alternatives like keyboard bindings to allow for steering…i suspect a certain 3rd party app will start allowing you to steer quite soon would be my guess.


You need to watch some real bike races. Veering to the other side of the road is not an unknown behaviour to shake of other riders IRL.

You need to watch some real bikes races. Everyone in the race has that ability. Not just a select few who bought the privilege.


At the risk of being a broken record, a rider without steering should be a draft-seeking missile. That’s the safest assumption about their intent.

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I feel seen. :smile:


The OP was referring to people being able to spend money to improve performance. Steering in Zwift was just an example. People pay money all the time for lighter/stiffer/more aero wheels/bikes/kit/etc.

Where does the 30% come from? Does steering in Zwift truly offer that much advantage? Also, not all races have steering, which take it out of the equation. And, while I don’t do any racing in Zwift, even with steering enabled my avatar seems to move into the draft of riders in front of me. Is that not the case when people do not have steering?

It is not the case when a steering rider moves to the edge or middle of the road. That’s probably a major factor in the decision to buy into the feature. If non-steering riders automatically got in the draft of anyone nearby (including people steering away) I suspect many people would not see any point in the purchase.

That’s the point. Steering is the norm IRL, so stop moaning about Zwift trying to emulate that, its the whole point of Zwift. If you want to go that direction, there’s plenty of other areas where paying for more and better kit makes a difference both in Zwift and IRL.

Instead, ditch the hate and make a case for steering for all.

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Steering on Zwift is nothing like irl. It’s 100% gaming 0% fitness, it adds nothing to zwift as a training and fitness tool.

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I race IRL, my point is this is a financial benefit?

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Thanks bullet, what a pointless comment,I actually race IRL.

People spending money to gain a competitive advantage in cycling?

Never heard of that before :person_shrugging: :joy:


I think it would be nice if Zwift were to:

  1. Add keyboard shortcuts for steering
  2. Enable keyboard shortcuts for iPad so iPad users can use these keyboard shortcuts :slight_smile:
  3. Code it so those who don’t have steering enabled more aggressively pursue the draft of someone steering in front of them by default if the alternative is to completely be in the wind. Might not need to be 100% in the draft at all times, but also not allow someone to completely eliminate draft for those users as they can today.

Normally this doesn’t affect my racing at all because I’m rarely in the breakaway group, and rarely at the final sprint with the front pack, but I can see how this would be frustrating to someone who finds themselves matched up against a steering rider in those situations.


People aren’t just training on Zwift, we’re talking about racing here.