Auto steering algorithm

Undoubtedly this is a multivariate, and difficult thing to program to mimic reality.

But can some work be done on it?

It seems to be getting worse actually, I don’t know if that’s just ridership up so more crowding amplifies it.

For example, if I’m solo riding on a road, say Tempus Fugit, and there’s a rider stopped near the centre of the road. From many meters behind (25?) my avatar starts moving left to go around the other rider, smashes into him, then goes back to the right hand side of the empty road, where just staying to the right which was clear the entire time is more logical.

There are other circumstances similar, but honestly to be concise in this post, most seem to be the swerve left to go around someone when that’s not a logical thing to do.

Potential solutions:

  • drag riders more rapidly to the right hand side of the road when they stop - this isn’t so much a navigational engine fix as it is a bandaid to lessen the occurrence.
  • reprogram the rider avoidance to take advantage of clear lane ahead vs. trying to prefer the left hand pass, at least for stopped riders.

You may ask why…

It makes the platform better and exposes users to less vigorous scenery change.

I agree. Also, it would be helpful to provide a buffer when riders pass each. It is frustrating to get stuck on another rider when providing a better buffer around would make better sense. Thanks.

Get yourself a Elite® STERZO SMART Makes the game so much more enjoyable, keeps you out of the crowds and sticky drafts…and also gets rid of any annoying wheel suckers;)

don’t a lot of events, and especially races, ban steering?
what is the logic behind this?
can I use the product for riding, but then just not turn it on on said races?

They don’t ban it, they just don’t enable it, but I don’t race much. It would be a big advantage in races against those that don’t have it, faster line, stop people drafting off you, jumping out before the sticky draft gets you!.. Do wish Zwift would allow it for events that aren’t classed as races. e.g. TOW

You can use it all the time whilst riding normally, it’s not steering but more veering. I do all my TrainerRoad workouts whilst using Zwift and love the fact I can steer/veer through the worlds.

Having to use you mental capacity whilst pushing hard intervals is harder work as your brain uses glycogen. Think it must also be good practice to be able to compute whilst pushing hard for when I go outdoors. In Zwift I like to pick the fastest line through corners, through groups of riders, keeps my brain active/occupied, alert whilst riding hard or soft.

It’s also great to avoid sticky drafts though I use the TT bikes most of the time so that isn’t an issue, but also stops those annoying wheel sucker’s :rofl: and I keep out of the crowds, have my own bit or road all the time.

Does make the “game” more interactive and IMO therefore more enjoyable.