Why don't Group Ride and Workout leaders want Steering?

I’m very interested in what you find out.

I think that you will see that steering isn’t really enabled although the event is tagged with a ‘steering’ tag because the game since 1.0.61217 needs a ‘steering_enabled’ tag to allow steering in an event.
It’s only speculations but I think that nobody (at Zwift) remembered that all events had to be changed and future events had to be tagged differently when that change in the game was rolled out.

Event organizers can request that steering be turned on for their (non-race) rides. They have to contact HQ, as it’s not a self-serve option in the event management tools organizers have at the moment.

We would like to keep Steering off for races unless event organizers want a steering-only race. This is so the steering-capable do not have unfair advantage over the steering-less.


Really Shooj? Event organizers who are already buried putting on FREE Zwift rides have to run through another wicket for a small subset of participants? I fully understand having the limitation for races because it is an advantage in a competitive event. But making it harder to get steering for rides is beyond comprehension.

Why did we even bother with getting steering hardware? Makes little to no difference in a free ride. The Wahoo Bike steering doesn’t work on Repack. And now, ride events have steering not enabled as the default.

Come on, you guys can do better than this. :roll_eyes:


It was a self-serve option, but now it isn’t?
Also, why is this topic moved to FutureWorks? It already exists.

The problem seems to also be nobody at Zwift told the event organizers that the steering they thought they enabled isn’t. So it’s still not clear if any (aside from the 2 participants in this thread) organizers know about this contact HQ thing?

I’m just bummed that I bought a $100 gizmo that isn’t usable for 98.9% of the posted Zwift events.


98.9%? Are you holding out on us, John and there’s a 1.0% we don’t know about? :laughing:

We’re working on it.


Glad to hear it. Really.

Didn’t have anyone with a Sterzo so can’t confirm. Mine is at my other location…

Shame as I really enjoyed using this in races on other courses. For example did one on the Ocean Lava cliff side loop and being able to take the optimal line through the corners on the long quick decent was great fun and very engaging (whereas normally I’d just be sat there, not evening pedalling). Oh well

It does feel a bit catch 22 - without more races with steering enabled (on a variety of courses) people aren’t going to spend the money to get a sterzo

Also I think just going round the same flat courses also takes away some of the enjoyment that can be had with this in races. Having the ZHQ steering races run on a variety of courses would be appreciated. Something like the two bridges loop would be ace for this.

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I might think that moving around the field on regular non-race group rides could be more fun as well with the steering.
Yeah the money spent isn’t great, but I also know the non-Smart version of the same Sterzo is $60, so I like to look at it like I spent $40 for the upgrade. :slight_smile:

i entered my first steering race the other day. low attendance, only 5 in my category. i didn’t give myself enough time when logging in. for some reason zwift could only find my kickr bike ANT, not the bluetooth which it needs to steer. so with 30 seconds left i said F-it, i’ll race without steering anyway. turns out no one else had steering either. i wonder if every one of these steering races has a majority non steering racers? if you want to sell this steering concept, you need steering enabled riders to show its superiority. i think that means adding it easily to any group ride, and also picking different courses for steering races.

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Confirmed this morning that it is now not active. It was before the update. Update broke it. I’ve requested HQ re-enable it…

Hi Ray,

Sorry about that! Apparently, there was an upgraded steering tag we were unaware of. Your event has the updated tags moving forward. Are there any other events you needed steering added?

Ride On!

Zwift Community Events

Yes, CRYO-GEN ZTGR (Zwift Thursday Group Ride) is - for now - the only event with steering besides the ZHQ races .

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And I asked for the Tuesday ride to have it enabled…

Waiting for Thursday event confirmation.



Please keep us posted Ray. I’d love to do some group rides with steering.

You could reply “Yes, since you asked. Please add steering to all other non-race events. Thanks!”

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That is really up to the people that manage those events. I just take care of the Tuesday and Thursday Cryo-Gen events.

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Given that most organisers don’t want to allow steering, it makes sense to automatically default to No Steering. If an organiser wants to do so, they can request it. If you feel this “adds an additional barrier”, think about those barriers for the majority of organisers for the majority of events who would have to send requests to ZHQ to turn it off.

If you desperately want steering in an event, contact the organiser.

@MRBaldi_T-ZHR : Would you have input on the original, and largely unanswered thread topic: “Why don’t Group Ride and Workout leaders want Steering?” So far the input is mostly that some organizers thought that steering was allowed in their events but a change has meant that it’s been blocked without their input.

Why is it a given that most organizers don’t want to allow steering?