Why don't Group Ride and Workout leaders want Steering?

It’s already been answered - see the official response from Zwift.

Just because YOU want it, doesn’t mean that we all have to do it. An organiser, if they so wish, can enable steering so I don’t see why a no-steer default for the majority is such a problem for you to handle

Shooj’s response doesn’t say that it’s a given that most organizers don’t want steering. It says that they “have to contact HQ, as it’s not a self-serve option in the event management tools organizers have at the moment.”

You’ve said that it’s a given that most organizers don’t want steering. I’m interested in that perspective. First, how is it a given that most organizers don’t want steering? And going back to the OP’s original question, why would group ride and workout leaders not want steering?

And no, “a no-steer default for the majority” is no problem for me to handle. I’m interested in the OP’s original question, and your so-far unsubstantiated statement that the answer to the question is a given.

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Has there been a Zwift RIDE event organizer summit we are unaware of? Upon what facts are you basing your statement “Most event organizers don’t want steering”? I understand that ZHR is not interested in steering for their events but why do they have that position? Having NS being the default isn’t the problem. The problem is the extra steps for an organizer to get steering.

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Re-read Shooj’s response, your question is answered therein. If you can’t be bothered to read it, then I can’t be bothered to enlighten you.

I’ve read it, now more than once. Again, "Shooj’s response doesn’t say that it’s a given that most organizers don’t want steering. It says that they ‘have to contact HQ, as it’s not a self-serve option in the event management tools organizers have at the moment.’”

To narrow down the question to one you may be able to answer, why don’t you as a group leader want steering?

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You can’t seem to get past the first paragraph… :roll_eyes:

The thread is about this question: “Pretty much every group ride or workout, it seems the leaders of these events have made “Steering Not Allowed”. What are they afraid will happen in these kinds of events that aren’t by definition ‘winnable’?” Do you, as an event leader, have anything to contribute to answer that question?

Shooj’s second paragraph addresses racing, which is not what the rest of the thread is about.

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I see the ZESP and Team Vegan rides now have steering added (back?) to their rides. It’s on the right track IMO.

Mr. Baldi, it’s a pretty simple question directed to you: Why don’t you want steering in ZHR rides? I understand about not having it in races and I don’t believe it should be in races unless everybody has it.

So, why are YOU not amenable to having it enabled in non-competitive rides?

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My events, my rules.

Don’t like ‘em? Go elsewhere.

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We get that. And make no mistake, we appreciate the effort it takes to put on these events. I don’t run Zwift events but I run other IRL things and I know the work is not insubstantial as well as underpaid; like zero. I’ve ridden your events and have enjoyed them. The lack of steering isn’t going to keep me away. Bad attitude on the other hand…

I don’t spend a lot of time looking for steering events for two reasons: First of all, there about 20 of them a week and nearly all of them fall outside of my schedule. Second of all, steering only works with Bluetooth and with the recent updates, my HRM doesn’t stay paired in large events so I’m using ANT+.

The question still is: Why don’t you want steering? We just want to know your take and this will help us understand why others may have the same stand.

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As I have mentioned above once I have spoken to organizers that want steering but they have to request it every week, and with the amount of work they have setting up events they feel like this is a unnecessary step and more option for something else in the event to get changed by mistake.

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Yep, we got that part of it Gerry. And Shooj assured me they’re working on it. Honestly, this is pure unadulterated BS. There is no reason I can see to make event organizers who are already putting on FREE events for Zwift to have yet another step in the process.

Zwift sold us on steering and made a bunch of coin selling steering hardware. And now, there’s no reason for anybody to be using it 'cuz it isn’t really much fun on Free Rides. Turns out we got sold a bag of BS…


Does the steering option also invoke some new collision avoidance rules?
I get using steering to take a better track in a turn.
I get moving over to avoid sticky draft.
These don’t seem to be important enough to not try having mixed races.
But, if steering means we can’t ride thru other riders, then it will cause non steerers to be trapped or boxed in without a way around.

Is this a thing that happens and perhaps why organizers don’t want it?
I also understand they don’t want more organizing work.

I wouldn’t mind Zwift HQ (?) themselves chiming in here on why they don’t allow steering on their own managed group rides (eg. Tour de Zwift). I’ve asked twice using the messenging function during these rides, but nobody answers or knows.


I would assume it would be pretty identical to using steering while just free riding, where some folks have steering, and some don’t. During workout events with rubber-banding, I would assume the rubber banding still keeps everyone together.

That is correct. If you have the Sterzo steering (and now Kickr Bike) enabled you cannot ride through other avatars like you can without steering. So in a group ride of 100+ people and having steering on I bet a lot of people will get frustrated that they can’t move as they are boxed in the middle of the group.

You might not get as many responses as usual since the messaging function is ALSO fouled up since the January updates… :roll_eyes:

Interesting. So what happens if the boxed in person doubles their power output? Nothing because they’re boxed in?

Actually I realized you’re saying the opposite happens to what was asked. You’re saying the steering folks get boxed in by non-steerers. Not that non-steering folks can’t thru the steering people.

Has HERD tried this on their rides. Was there a lot of negative press?

My experience with steering in a bigger group ride, in a blob, is that I’m constantly bumped out of the draft by non-steering Zwifters, because collisions and overlapping aren’t allowed for steering Zwifters as they are for non-steering. So I can be in front, or at the back, but in the middle I’m constantly losing the draft.

I haven’t used steering since sometime last year.