Why does ZWFT delete short "Test" runs?

I just got my Runn sensor and like to test it.
Thats why I do only 2 Minutes short runs on my treadmill.
In Zwift its fine, I end the run like always after 2 minutes andupload it.

But if I then go to Zwift companion I only see “Zwifting now…” and that the activity is “ongoing…”
Why? I ended and uploaded it - why is it still “ongoing” ???

But even worse, if I wait and look it up 1 hour later this activity has been deleted as its no longer in Zwift companion anymore!

I didn’t delete it - so WTF is Zwift doing?

I think there is a minimum distance that needs to be hit for the activity to be counted as a valid entry. I’m not sure what the minimum is, but the least distance I’ve seen in people’s activities is about a half mile.

For a similar issue that affects cyclists on Zwift, see here.

Got an answer from ZWIFT on this:

Rides need to be 2 km (1.24 mi.) or longer and runs must be at least 0.8 km to upload. This is to prevent shorter test activities from clogging up activity feeds, while longer activities should upload normally.

If you would like these shorter activities to show up on your third party connections, such as Strava or Garmin, to be able to track this activity, you can link your accounts and manually upload shorter rides and runs. For information on how to connect your third party accounts please see our support article Zwift and Third-Party Fitness Platforms.

To upload your ride you’ll need your .fit files; these files, that contain your ride and run information, save to your local device every 10 minutes. Information on how to find these files can be found in our knowledge base article, “Your Ride History and .fit Files​.”

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Thanks for the additional info. It’s always good to know and Zwift doesn’t always make these details public. And 0.8 km is 0.497 miles – my half mile guess was very close!