incorrect data (shortened ride/miles)

Today I rode 60 minutes and 20 miles (according to Zwift while riding) but it now shows up as 17ish and 50 minutes in my activity. Yesterday I did 30 minutes and it showed up as 0 minutes (I was willing to believe that was my error but I don’t understand what happened today). Obviously no one wants to lose data. Any thoughts?

This happened to me today also. My account says that I rode 6 km in 10 minutes. The .fit file that I uploaded into Garmin contains the correct values of 33 km in 57 minutes. No idea what to do, either. My configuration is running Zwift on Windows 10. Due to travel, my last Zwift ride was Dec 23 and the values were correct.

Hi all,

Rides are uploaded to the server incrementally every 10 minutes. It sounds like you may have been disconnected from the internet during your ride. If you’re disconnected from the Internet during a ride, you’ll see your rider list empty out, and it will look like you’re riding alone. If this happens, try to get your Internet to reconnect before you end your ride.

If you’re on WiFi, you can also try to strengthen your WiFi signal - either by moving your router or your computer closer to your router - or using a range extender. Alternately, you may want to run an Ethernet cable to your computer instead.

How can I upload the Zwift FIT file in my documents\zwift\activities directory on the PC? That file has the complete ride.


You cannot upload rides to Zwift, only to 3rd party sites.

So there is no way to get the full ride data correctly loaded to the Zwift site? Of is there a way for the Zwift app to read its own activity file and re-upload/resync? Seems like this would be a useful feature.


You can try contacting Zwift support to see if they can assist in getting it uploaded, but you can’t do it yourself.