ZWIFT activity not finished in companion - why?

I just want to test my Runn sensor, so I let it “run” for a minute to collect data.
Then I ended the run in Zwift and saved it to the ZWIFT cloud.

But I cannot sync it with RunGap, so I check it up in Zwift companion and it shows me the 1 minute activity is already at 7 minutes and “still ongoing”.

So I ask, I ended that activity in ZWIFT and uploaded to ZWIFT - WHY is it still ongoing?

Is maybe 1 Minute too short? If yes then WHY!

It gets even WORSE !

If you look up your activities after maybe 1 hour you won’t find them as they get deleted!

So WTF is wrong with ZWIFT ???

There is a minimum distance (I think 2km) for rides/runs to be uploaded.